Cleaning leads to tech startup in Nairobi from TechMoran

<img src="" alt="cleaning kilimani" title="Alpharetta-GA-Carpet-Repair (C)" style="max-width:430px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Household chores results in tech startup in Nairobi from TechMoran ‘Kisafi’ <a href="">meaning</a> it’s clean in Swahili, aims becoming a convenient tech platform for immediate booking good quality, reliable laundry and residential cleaning with 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee looking at the professional and background checked cleaners while stating from the art cleaning and laundry equipment and trained staff. Janet Otieno, who leads the Nairobi operations promises that Kisafi will offer fast delivery whenever requested, give users a reassurance using its fully insured service for loss or damage that assist save customers approximately 8-12 hours or A three week period of these lives every year. "See us because the uber for laundry and home cleaning. Our users request premium laundry pickup and fall off and occasional cost home cleaning services which has a tap of the button via our free "Kisafi" Android app or at," Otieno tells TechMoran. "The value we bring is convenience, price and quality advantage. When compared with other laundry services that average Ksh. 2000 for 7-10 kg of laundry, we provide a set rate "all you'll be able to fit" per bag pricing. The baggage typically hold 1-2 weeks of laundry." Otieno says the along with its <a href="">laundry in westlands nairobi</a> services, Kisafi provides low-cost housekeeping services services from vetted, experienced cleaning professionals as little as Ksh. 750. Kisafi is currently using digital channels to get early tech adopters; while for cleaners it's partnered using a reputable local recruiting agency that'll be a feeder for those seeking to help them on the contract basis. Kisafi retains the quality control and training while providing income to the average Nairobian seeking to develop supplemental income. Kisafi came into being following your founders a break down similar problem.
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